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There are many booking requests I get I simply don't reply to due to a number of factors that have inspired me to write this post. How you approach a Domme is correlated to the response (if any in some cases) that you receive. It's imperative to take care and consideration in your initial contact. I've seen many mistakes prospective submissives make that in most cases ruin an opportunity of response or further engagement.

You Shot A One-Liner Or A Poorly filled Out Form
Things like "Hi" or "Hey feeling like hanging out tonight" with a random number attached or "hey you availb?" isn't going to get a response. When you approach me you are presenting yourself to me and must give me a reason to want to interact with you.

You're On A Black List
This is a given.
You Didn't Follow Contact Protocol
It's transparent if the contact protocol next to the booking request is not read. If one can't follow something as simple as a contact protocol then naturally I will assume you aren't going to be a good listener in person either and therefore will not be able to follow my direction or stay within boundaries. This is not the kind of person I would want to session with.

You Inquired For Something Listed On My Boundaries
You Sent Out an En Mass Message
I never reply to these kind of inquires. They're lazy, uncreative, and often riddled with errors. They don't inspire me in any way to contact someone.

You're Looking For a Girlfriend In The Wrong Places
This is a red flag to me and a personal boundary. Often these subs are looking to live out a fantasy with unrealistic expectations and grossly misunderstand what that sort of situation entails. I don't respond to any forms with this kind of request in them.
You're Unable To Approach Me From a Submissive Manner
When speaking with a Dominatrix you must give a reason for me to want to play with you. I am not attracted to non-submissive mannerisms.
You're trying to get free smut
These types of contacts are transparent and follow a predictable method. "I'll deposit" followed up by something along the lines of trying to get details of what I'll do to said contact or details of how a session goes. These reflect an uninspiring lack of commitment. It's a turn off that results in moving onto someone else.
You're looking to just chat, just discuss, call, or write/text something like 10 paragraphs of text about your fantasies without booking first - or requests of such while checking "incall" as the type of request.
I delete these kinds of request and emails without reading them because the potential sub has shown they're unable to serve me in my first requirement approaching me - that is respecting my time. I'm not inspired to engage with submissives who don't show the common manners displayed by a majority when approaching a professional Domme.
To engage in fantasy discussions and verbal play revolving around this, for example discussing lovely lengthy details of all I could be doing to you and related, a text or call discussion can be booked.
Attempts to to get free verbal domination, engagement via email
Such underestimates my experience in weeding out this. I also use filters in all levels of contact. This means if one keeps sending emails I do not read to engage without a deposit after instructions are provided it will trigger a spam filter that delete those emails. These attempts do not anger, annoy or create any exploit the person if hoping for and will not result in engagement.

Recycled words and phrases specifically used by me in my interactions with those I've chosen to block.
I am deliberate about creating specific greetings, phrases, words and email formats in my initial interactions. When they are used in interacting with me again and it's an immediate give away it's someone I've chosen to decline. Showing one cannot respect my decision and boundaries is continued guarantee for me not to trouble with engagement.
Wanting To Deposit Via Means I Do Not Instruct (Something besides a gift card)
There is an inherent lack of respect for my rules and ability to follow instruction in such form of communication. I don't accept anything other than via methods I instruct under any form of circumstance. Every sub I have ever seen has followed my instruction without fail. Any inquiry demanding otherwise is putting themselves above my authority as a Top and therefore will not be able to submit properly to me in person. An inquiry who expects my rules to be broken will in person as well. That is not someone I want to welcome into my dungeon or bother in further communication with

Requesting My Phone Number, Address or To Meet Somewhere Before Booking
This indicates to me is that a person is predatory.  No woman gives out her personal address to men she has never met. 
I don't allow subs the privilege of my number. 
The process to receive information to meet me at my dungeon is a process made after one is scheduled.

You Didn't Read My Website First For Information
Asking me what my tribute is or what deposit is and other information that is on my website shows me you're not good at making effort.  I enjoy instead meeting with submissives with initiative.

Topping From The Bottom By Deliberation
A sub whom seeks out to deliberately do what they have read are the boundaries or against protocols of a Domme is practicing what is called "topping from the bottom".  As a dominant it's an enormous turn off and shows me a sub has not fully developed in understanding submission or is still struggling with what submission means. I am not inclined to have enough interest to give the communication attention in such cases.
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I've had a lot of nervous new people after booking ask me about what kind of etiquette to expect. Generally common sense just applies or I will make a swift correction during a meeting if anything does not suite my taste. I have written this guide to aid subs who have already booked in what to expect to do in general before a session.
  • Be washed, clean and groomed. Do any general preparation that may be assumed I will find desirable and for the type of session.
  • Be clear about everything listed on my boundaries page and look at my faq first if looking for additional info. If you have already booked and you are unsure of something not on my site you are encouraged to ask.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions when we meet. I will have a variety of ways I will choose from to initially encourage and make you feel comfortable in communication.
  • Follow the instructions I give you prior to the session exactly. I will indicated after booking when to expect this.
  • Even if you feel compelled to. I prefer not to be addressed by my title (mistress, goddess, ma'am, ect) outside of the dungeon. I also prefer subs do not engage in acts of kneeling and such before being inside the dungeon. My style is to do things with discretion.
  • I've heard everything at this point. Any new interests you discover during a session or fantasies you are welcome to tell.



My session protocol is not negotiable under any circumstances.  Failure to meet these boundaries will result in being blacklisted and removed from a session with no possibility of refund.  Be familiar with the following before attending a session.​
You will receive exact location instructions via a call.  This is the only time I ever do calls. I don't under any circumstances give out my dungeon address via email.  This is to follow safety protocol.  This is a standard with all Dommes I have met. If you cannot meet this requirement I cannot accept you for a session.


Unfortunatly I'm no longer go on outings outside of sessions for my safety.


I will initiate and guide all acceptable contact.


My dungeon is an intimate space to be respected as one would as a guest in a stranger's home.  Curious subs may ask about or request to be educated about various dungeon equipment but are not permitted to touch any dungeon equipment on display without permission.


When speaking to me you may refer to me with the title Mistress, Goddess, Mistress Scarlet Vexus, Vexus, or Goddess Vexus.  Unless indicated otherwise all other names or titles will not be considered customary.


Any sub invited into my dungeon must have bathed and taken other measures to be clean.  This is a sanitary concern to ensure a healthy environment for both me and the sub.


No illegal substances are to be brought on my dungeon's premises.  I will not initiate sessions with any sub who appears heavily under the influence of drugs or heavily intoxicated for the safety of the sub and mine.


I only see those who are submissive and thus enjoy relinquishing control.  Take the simple precaution of being aware of your actions. Make an effort to educate yourself on what "topping from the bottom" is.  I don't take on people who do this and entertain a habit of this which can result in removal from a session. 


I never negotiate tribute, cut deals, make "discounts", or accept tribute via any means I don't explicitly advise.  Seeing a Dominatrix is an activity of opulence.  All play is femdom focused and will always involve me in a dominant femme role.


Gifts are gifts. Gifts are under no circumstances considered trade or indebt to owe subs special liberties in regards to my boundaries or favors.


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