**Review my current incall requirements at my blog

**Deposit is required to book.

**If you've submitted a request and have not heard from me first check your spam

**I don't read forms that include items from my boundaries page

**Forms with "spitting" are filtered

My booking form is the best way to initiate contact with me. Expect a response within the next two days.  To ensure a response read the Contact Protocol below.


The method I receive booking request sthough is automated and filters submitted forms containing content I'm unlikely to respond to. I'm also swift to filter out unproductive communication within the first emails and will therefore cease to see or reply to them. To avoid this:

 - You must be respectful in all communications and approach me from a submissive manner at all times

  - You must book within the first email exchange. My first email will contact a response to your inquiry and instructions.

  - I do not respond to just wanting to chat or discuss.  For engagement in fantasy play and discussions book a text, phone or virtual session.  My time is designed to be spent in the most efficient matter prioritizing more time to clients I've seen, uninterrupted sessions and time devoted to ongoing improvement in skills.

- Know that I do not provide heavily pre-scripted sessions and I don't respond to communication asking for extensive session details for wank fodder.

  - Know that as a Dominatrix you are on my time.  I am not on-call.  Session booking requires at least prior day arrangement. Same day requests if there is any availability will require a $50 inconvenience fee.

  - Unless I'm touring I'm only providing sessions in Austin Texas

  - Until a deposit is complete no time is booked

  - I don't read or respond to lengthy disclosure of fantasies from those not booked.  After one has secured a session I will allow more in depth disclosure and exploration.

  - Be familiar with my boundaries , session protocol and tribute.


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