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Austin Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus


About  My Creative Work

Austin Dominatrix Scarlet Vexus

On any given day  I'm working on something in my studio. I have a well that continuously compels me make things with ideas that flow quicker that my hands can work. Below is a a little about the work themselves and my relationship to them.  Rather than go into an enormous length of all 20+ of my mediums I will stick to a main few  Bare in mind that I am doing these large detailed devours as a one woman "crew", this paired with being a dominatrix and working in-between sessions.    This creates a slow tease of work that appears on my website. I am currently in the process of digitizing a large stock of illustrations as I did not go into digital art until 3 years ago and have been traditionally an on canvas illustrator.  This large body of work I will be  adding over time.

Below is an overview of my most commonly utilized mediums.  Curious about the others, I welcome individuals to ask me about them or view them.  I enjoy showing all my various mediums outside of these few.



Illustration was my first ever learned.  From there everything expanded.  Illustration ended up being time and time again a source of my ideas for other endeavors and enrichment of my life leading me on a path I'm taking to a greater goal.

I ruled this realm for some time.  I won 6 different awards for my unique ingenuity and style in the realm of illustration.  What I did and those works I keep off this site in order to protect my identity but I do allow a view of some and some discussion of the works in private.

I actually got into professional domination because of my illustrations.  I was seeking out meeting other fetish friendly illustrators.  This lead me to connect with domination house that was establishing.  In my presence drawing all day around there I was asked if I could play a role in on of the sessions and from there it became another outlet for my interests and now my outlet to display the illustrations that brought me to it in the first place.

I never developed an association with porn in the traditional sense.  Instead I developed a fetish for drawing BDSM, particularly with an attraction for"shiny things" which I learned to be latex in later years of my life.  I am am fetishist in that the entirety of my personal psycho-sexual associations is based on illustration,  I must be thinking of them or drawing them.

What motivates me to push me skills at a prodomme come from my illustrations.  I seek to recreate them.  This leads to an ongoing enthusiasm and passion for the professional domination I do where I never quite get bored.  If I draw something I cannot find,  I am driven to make it if it is within the realm of one of my mastered creative mediums. 

Austin Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus playing piano while sitting on submissive
Austin Dominatrix Scarlet Vexus next to her piano
Illustration by Austin Dominatrix Mistess Scarlet Vexus
Austin Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus making BDSM furniture

Over the time I expanded my skills to become an expert in every different medium I can be creative in, I decided to partake on this goal early on in pursuit of reaching an ultimate goal of a dream profession outside of domination - now being proficient in over 20 different ones after spending half of my life so far practicing and mastering them.  This has taken me all sorts of places with being a professional dominatrix as one and being an outlet from my vanilla life.  Sometimes subs are privy to my playing of instruments (I even did music lessons for one outside of domination).  Other times they may see one of the detailed out-fittings for a role-play character or be put inside one of my bondage pieces.

I had started to attempt to market my artwork involved in domination, my personal life identity and professional involvements as an artist, years ago when I was in my earlier years as a Prodomme.  However I never truly embraced it for many years as it was shunned and predated on in a way that caused me to omit it.  After several years when I started to see domination framed more as "art" in online avenues I was part of I felt better about marketing my artwork and the way I viewed my domination as also an extension of creative expression.  I thought to myself with everything I was putting into creating I am artist in every definition of the term and it was ridiculous to hide it. Feeling less like an outsider in my skillset  within the industry I decided to stop hiding these skills and the experiences of my dungeon I was creating.  As much as I enjoy recognizing my pro-domination as art it is sometimes an uphill battle with much marketing as a kink artist a exclusionary to Prodomination and more common forms related to prodomination and  excluding most other mediums I partake in. I kindly ask that subs don't minimize or invalidate the time, skill and practice that go into other crafts I use to add to my love of my domination even if they are not that common such as my illustration.  No one enjoys any skill sets they dedicated their much of their life to minimized.  I wouldn't like my other crafts invalidate just as I or any other ProDomme ever appreciates their craft of domination being compared to someone slapping on a costume and being an "instant" Domme for example.  Just as I do not provide the art of professional domination for free, I do not provide any other form of art for free.

My most often used talents currently for

I'm crazy about femdom and making things to enjoy BDSM at it's fullest, these are the other skills used in my practice


Latex Crafting and Leather Crafting For Sessions

I make a items both for myself and my sessions.  My knowledge in these areas in extensive.  I formerly used to own a small fashion brand that extended out into three online branches of items for sale focusing mostly on leather working.  It moved into latex accessories for some time near the end of it's life. Managing this along pro-domination and my other work was next to impossible so it is now at this time retired.

Woodworking and upholstery of BDSM furniture and bondage toys

I make some of my dungeons furniture and bondage elements myself.  No outside help needed unless you want to show me the pleasure you get from them! Most dungeon furniture is customized or handmade at spaces simply due to being hard to find equipment with exactly the desired elements.  Usually the go to is to hire or have someone make them for you and that's fantastic, I had at one point myself but I enjoy personally nowadays using the skills I have to make exactly the designs I want or customize things myself.  This are made for addition to my pleasure and the subs I see. This is one of the unique features of my space. Appreciate the work I've put into them and enjoy them to their fullest during sessions.


This is one of my more commonly utilized ones that has become such an incorporated part of the background that I often forget to include it.  All my photos on my website are taken and edited by myself.  Despite doing these myself as part of my skillsets I admire often the work of many professional photographers I follow online

Animated Fetish Content

I make animated fetish content.  Being that I can't necessarily be on fan sites this is my replacement. There is more on this to be revealed soon.

Special Effects for Video Content

I had formal training in Motion Graphics and Special Effects and generally keep this brief in my writing since my website is focused on femdom. I add in 3d modeling, and specialized scenery into video.  I reserve this for my vanilla work since it is extensive and nitpicky and render heavy (it can often take days, even with a custom computer).  Unless I am being paid adequately I  don't do this for media in my prodomination work and just stick to something basic.  However this is often something I am doing in the background alongside many of the talents you see displayed here.

I kindly ask you keep in mind -


My creative skills or works, unless involved in sessions or I am making things for another professional, are not for sale.

This is to protect my identity outside of femdom and discourage some of the exploitative behaviors that can come with being in this industry from crossing over into non-femdom work and connected life. I don't sell my latex or my actual illustrations themselves through my prodomination.  The display of some of my other creative skills here is their supplementation to my domination and I avoid crossover displays of the same art with connections to my outside life.


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