Copyrighted.  Dungeon Protocols.  How to Treat Your Mistress or Dominatrix and other questions related to meeting a prodomme in Austin

Session Protocol

My session protocol is not negotiable under any circumstances.  Failure to meet these boundaries will result in being blacklisted and removed from a session with no possibility of refund.  Be familiar with the following before attending a session.


Unfortunatly I'm no longer go on outings outside of sessions for my safety.


I will initiate and guide all acceptable contact.


My dungeon is an intimate space to be respected as one would as a guest in a stranger's home.  Curious subs may ask about or request to be educated about various dungeon equipment but are not permitted to touch any dungeon equipment on display without permission.


When speaking to me you may refer to me with the title Mistress, Goddess, Mistress Scarlet Vexus, Vexus, or Goddess Vexus.  Unless indicated otherwise all other names or titles will not be considered customary.


Any sub invited into my dungeon must have bathed and taken other measures to be clean.  This is a sanitary concern to ensure a healthy environment for both me and the sub.


No illegal substances are to be brought on my dungeon's premises.  I will not initiate sessions with any sub who appears heavily under the influence of drugs or heavily intoxicated for the safety of the sub and mine.


I only see those who are submissive and thus enjoy relinquishing control.  Take the simple precaution of being aware of your actions. Make an effort to educate yourself on what "topping from the bottom" is.  I don't take on people who do this and entertain a habit of this which can result in removal from a session. 


I never negotiate tribute, cut deals, make "discounts", or accept tribute via any means I don't explicitly advise.  Seeing a Dominatrix is an activity of opulence.  All play is femdom focused and will always involve me in a dominant femme role.


Gifts are gifts. Gifts are under no circumstances considered trade or indebt to owe subs special liberties in regards to my boundaries or favors.



Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made in less then 24 hours before session - Half the session tribute is due.  Not future sessions will be accepted until tribute due is provided and all future sessions thereafter will require all tribute upfront upon scheduling.

Cancellations made in more than 24 hours before session - All tribute or donation given prior is forfeited.  All future sessions thereafter require tribute upfront upon scheduling.


Deposits are nonrefundable and forfieted upon cancellation of a session.  Deposits do not carry over. Deposits only carry over for one rescheduling if the time and date the session is being rescheduled for is made the same day as the cancellation request.  In all other cases a new deposit is required.


I'm new and I don't know what to expect

Congratulations on reaching out into this vast ocean of the world of kink and exploring with a prodomme.  There's no shame in being new. I welcome both new and seasoned players.  The biggest fear I've seen among those who are new is that they will make a mistake or be poor at leaving a good impression.  The second fear I see is fear of what may happen during a session.  Both these are very natural and normal.  I'm informative and communicative and I encourage questions.  Boundaries you list contacting me are kept into account and my presence is welcoming, knowledgeable and unjudging.  You will eventually shed most of any shyness or nervousness.

Can you play without a safeword?

Every human has their limit.  I will always give a safeword regardless of whether a sub feels they will end up using it or not.  Safewords aren't signals of weakness in any form or a goal in every session to get someone to use.  They are just indications that something may need to change direction or any number of other things requiring a short break or check in.  Safewords are there for safety and a positive experience on part of both Mistress and the submissive.

What Is Your Hourly And Deposit

All that information regarding tribute or deposit is found here.

Will you [insert any long specific description of an imagined situation] during a session?

I'm always very busy both as a dominatrix and other ventures of mine so only communicate with those I plan to have meaningful interactions with so don't expect an interaction out of unsolicited questions of that nature.  Though it's rare when I'm asked questions of that sort those will only result in the individual being blocked on my end.

Can I bring  toys?

Yes.  The more the merrier.  If you bring your own private toys you will be require to clean them yourself and may use the cleaning materials available in the dungeon to do so.  If you wish to bring a toy to gift to my dungeon but wish it to be especially used on you bring it and we will use it during the session.

Do you have a shower available?

My dungeon includes it own private bath with toiletries freely available for submissive to use.  That being said  I'm not aware of any dungeon in the locality that wouldn't have a bathroom available if it was necessary.

I have a fetish I don't see listed on your site and want to request a session with it

I actually enjoy when someone suggests kinks I don't have listed.  If it's not listed on my boundaries it's likely something I will love to employ and if it's in an off chance a kink I don't engage in I'll simply give you a referral if I know a Mistress that does.  When requesting a session put this kink in "Others Not Listed Here" section of the form.

I have another question

First check my Q&A posts on my bio.  Otherwise you may directly ask.