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Austin Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus



Austin Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus sitting in dungeon |  Fetish BDSM & Kink | Fetishes Header

This is not an extensive list of all the fetishes I have partaken in.  There is so many more out there that my list cannot even fit them all.  If you don't see a fetish listed here and it's not included in my list of boundaries submit it in your request.  I will be excite to see it.

I have my Primaries and Most Loved Of Kinks

Bondage - I have a love for complex immobilizing bondage and have extensive experience in bondage safety, emergency protocol and advanced techniques.  My most extensive bondage can only be done in longer sessions.  I will not rush through time constraints to create elaborate bondage due to inadequate safety.

Latex - My assortment of latex is vast and immense including customized latex bondage equipment and furniture


Roleplay - I'm a natural storyteller, I sometimes enjoy going as far as designing full wear, obtaining of toys, and designing for these kinds of sessions. If you're requesting a session with a very specific toy or outfit request, and I actually don't have it immediately on hand,  then you'll impress me greatly if you provide patronage of these things for me.

Horror Fetishes -  This often get misconstrued as just blood and gore,  I am heavily into the psychological elements of this rather

Sissyfication, Feminization -   Not only making you embrace your feminine parts of your psyche through looks alone, but through more kinky physical means.  I am apt to a variety of personalities in this. 

CBT - I have an incredible array of cbt toys, both bought or custom based of my weird and fun tastes and ideas


Sensory Play

Role-play Scenarios

CBT (no requests for long term or permanent damage)

Domestic Servitude and Sissy Maids

Rubber Dolls/ Latex Fetish

Bondage and Confinement


Foot Worship
Pony Play, Puppy Play And Other Forms Of Pet Play

Smothering & Ass Worship


Austin Dominatrix
Austin Dominatrix femdom goddess Scarlet Vexus


Roleplay kidnapping and abduction seduction

Abandonment (with safety measures in place)

Fire play

Spanking and Other Forms of Impact Play


Executrix Fantasies

Boot and Heel Fetishes

Smoking Fetish

Collared Sub Arrangements

Bodily Marks Of Ownership ( temporary marks)

Art Fetishes

Long term scenarios and extended arrangements (be well versed on my boundaries)

Age Play
Sensory Deprivation

Cupping or Fire Cupping

Findom Scenarios

Corporal Punishment




Chastity and Keyholding

Milking Machine (An additional cleaning fee is required. The tubes, lines and machine components require specialty cleaning to remove bodily material and lube in contact with bodily material as well as the addition of replacement liners.)

Femdom professional in Austin


Human Furniture and Similar Fetishes


Nylon Fetishes

Nipple Torture

Medical Play



Object Fetishes

Hair Fetishes

Tease And Denial



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