I have an ever expanding  list of interests and skills. If you have a fetish that is not listed and isn't on my boundaries page simply inquire. My more common interests include:


** I always practice SSC and risk aware consensual kink**

Sensory Play

Role-play Fantasy Scenarios

Moderate to Heavy CBT (no requests for long term or permanent damage)

Domestic Servitude and Sissy Maids

Rubber Dolls/ Latex Fetish

Light to Heavy Bondage and Confinement and Mummification

Light to Heavy Electroplay

Foot Worship


Pony Play and Other General Pet Play

Smothering & Ass Worship (no lower body nudity)


Kidnapping (consenting and planned out) and abduction seduction

Abandonment (with safety measures in place)

Skilled and Safety Conscious Fire play

Spanking and Other Forms of Impact Play


Long term scenarios and overnight or weekend arrangements (be well versed on my boundaries)

Age Play


Sensory Deprivation


Corporal Punishment




Chastity and Keyholding



Trampling/Ballbusting  (no permanent medical injuries)

Nipple Torture


Medical Play

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This is the site of a kink professional.  This site contains material relating to BDSM and Femdom that is not suitable for minors.  All material is subject to copyright law and transgressions will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law. I only provide legal fetish exploration and services.  I work for myself and tribute is for my time.  Any inquiries for anything outside of my list of boundaries will receive no response.