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Domination is a creative profession itself and one will defiantly find a ton of creatives with all variety of hobbies or niches on top of it.  Truly people I've come to love. Below is a collection of some of my pieces outside of the creative art of sessions.



This area is under construction.  Some of the below links will be inactive until then.

Latex & Fabric

Austin Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus wearing custom hat

Latex hat,skirt, and glove that was made by hand

handmade oddity by Austin Houston and Dallas Dominatrix and Femdom Goddess Scarlet Vexus

I've been making flexible dildos I moreso use as sculptures for my dungeon among my recent hobbies. Here I've presented one of my more interesting creations.

Handmade latex hood

handmade fishtail gown

handmade face mask

handmade latex panties and bra

handmade latex panties and bra

My own design and handmade cross cane, handmade earrings and an Alteration to a latex outfit - This was my first learning project. I unfortunatly recieve a completely botched and mismeasure outfit from overseas when I was still realitively new and a Domme and wasn't as decerning. The neck piece and corset was completely refitted, corset shaping redesigned and new boning set in as well as corset belts shortened and secured

A blue latex ruffle color I created to use up rubber scrapes from an alteration to another piece

Handmade Latex Panties

self made latex top and gauntlets

self made latex top, gauntlets and panties

Handmade latex top, opera gloves and open back skirt

Handmade latex top, opera gloves and open back skirt

One of my hand designed latex hoods with detachable lenses. It was meant to look like a bug but ended up coming out more like and alien hood

One of my latex gauntlets I sell this pair for $40 in s,m, and l


Austin Domme holding custom crop sitting in rubber fetish nun outfit_edited_edited.jpg

Items For Sale




fetish erotic artwork made by Austin Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus

Non Erotica

art of austin dominatrix

Kinky Comics

Austin fetish
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