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Austin Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus

Austin Dominatrix - Latex Goddess - Mistress Scarlet Vexus
Austin Domme holding custom crop sitting in rubber fetish nun outfit

Strict, ruthless, and critical.  Rune is an oddity.  Though she appears to have elements similar to what we would see in our world she is not quite.  She demands confessions, medieval punishment, chastity,  humiliation and corporal punishment.  Whatever you are accused of you will confess to - whether you are guilty or not.  She mimics the brutality of various cults and brutality of a sense of righteousness that burned innocents at the stake once in our world.  She is always superior to those who see her implementing sadistic punishment for confessions.  She's impeccably cruel and unforgiving with a fire in her eyes and can only be enticed by the most masochistic of individuals.


The Creation
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