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As I lounged in my space's hot tub today reflecting on my trip to New Orleans and the many questions subs asked me during I'm thinking more and more about how to share my personality with known as well as new curious subs. One large facet of my personality is my domination style. In many ways I embody both the characteristic of a mother and the Goddess subs were created to worship. I am a multifaceted creature and sometimes contrasting personality by nature. I embody both extremes when it comes to many personality traits but many come to find over time that these traits are not so different as they initially appear and that beneath it all is a controlled show of parts of myself at times I see most fit. I am almost never what you initially see, I'm a dark horse and built upon a layer of pleasant surprises and mysterious I choose to reveal as my connections deepen. As many have described I'm the calculating charming and with a cool and calm composure ready to pull out the snake, the fatale, the destroyer within with an approximate target of outcome. Like a mother I administer rewards and discipline from a place of love. No matter how cruel I never truly abandon. I oversee. When correction is made I reward. Like mother I want to see you grow. I take pride in your changes, over comings and growth and I like to show my pride and joy off when my sub does well. Whether it's a slutty sissy in full enjoyment of his feminine, a sub satiated and drunk off My wonderful torture or someone programmed into my adoring and worshiping slave to my divine ways. I also carry a definite and distinctive anesthetic, a projection of what I carry within and window into my personality. You will come to find my dungeon, my entire space, my dress and attitude I refine to perfection to convey my determination and discipline, refined tastes for my love of art and hints of my many talents. It balances as well the dark and intense part of me. Little know I am a witness to true pain or that I am a survivor of truly cruel and utter evil with a strong and compassionate heart that would not die that twists those memories into a deep understanding of human nature. It is often to the surprise of the few that know what I have endured that I am still alive, as calm and centered as I am and compassionate. I am an artist whole and true. That is my thing you could say. My identity I fall into. I have been a fine artist my whole life. I won many awards in this area across my life and held my work in galleries to the lack of knowledge of most. I didn't do art for the awards but because it is my tool of expression and often healing. It was my comfort in times of turmoil. Only a few are privy to see my workshop and my pride of awards I line above my desk of ideas. I've worked as an artist professionally and still due on occasion. The way I see the world through art bleeds into my personality and style as a Domme. I view my subs by nature as works of art I build upon and perfect. I am not just an artist for the sound of the word but because it bleeds from my very veins of my mind. I have no desire for lack of passion either. Because I burn inside with a passionate fire, not one out of control, or burned out in a flash, but a controlled smolder I may cast your way though smoky eyes. I'm also a woman of many interests. You will come to find in my style of connection you'll find yourself desiring to open to me, feeling welcome into the smolder within and filled with a longing infatuation that often leads many to desire my presence in much more.

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