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Ambrime™ Reopening

After being effected by the covid pandemic during the 2020 new year into early 2021 my brand's fashion and art website is reopening. The website is currently in construction phases as it's being updated with my new pieces. All items are made by myself by hand. A representation of just one of my many creative ventures and talents. I am also accepting commissions through there particularly of my artwork until I am able to put aside time to also reopen my website for my fine art.

Completion of reopening will be announced on my blog. My brand Ambrime is located at www.ambrime.com

Visitors and residents of Austin alike support an Austin business and quirky individual who embodies the "Keep Austin Weird" vibe. Buy something for yourself, a Mistress you admire or anyone in your life. As my other avenues this goes towards an ultimate goal in my life.

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