• Scarlet Vexus - Austin Texas Dominatrix and Femdom Artisan


I've created many amazing beautiful ties and relationships with some of my subs over the years while also maintaining the dual capability of maintaining my connections to a certain degree with those who seek something different. They are remarkably fun, entertaining and fulfilling.

Of those deep connections I provided more than just domination but something intrinsically diverse that has lasted years but I am also very selective of those submissives I allow into such an intimate role of emotion.

Much like relationships outside of the D/s or BDSM dynamic for my well being I keep myself a healthy distance from those who have internal things they need to resolve before being close to someone in that way.

I am a Domme who's words carry weight. I have always been this way and it is a deep part of my personality. There is much in my background that has lead to the heavy blow. I can make you die of laughter, I can drive you to ecstasy off my artistic linguistics , I can throw down my boundaries and my needs with a coldness that can make you shutter,and I can also carry a soft utterance that pulls you in. I am intense and this intensity is not one that everyone can handle....

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