• Mistress Scarlet Vexus


I've been doing cuckolding in the last year or two. However I never actively advertised it. As time has progressed Me and my cuckolding partner have gotten so much into this and there have been some very interesting situations that I've compiled additional information and boundaries regarding these sessions below.

About Him & Our Boundaries

He's a fit refined man who works out on a routine and owns a successful business of his own. Someone a cuck would be intimidated by. In fact we tend to playfully compete with each other in this regard. He's also quite the extrovert in our outside lives in comparison to my reclusive nature. It is the best of both worlds. He compliments my refined nature, style and tastes equally. We often go out dressed to the nines in suit and gown to private events. We have a wealth of experiences, we are well traveled both in the US and abroad. This is a small picture of our dynamic you are walking into.

- He's most heavy in domming using verbal domination, extreme humiliation, beatings, and watching me dominate over submissives while they crave what they cannot have.

His limits

- He is not involved in sessions with subs who request to have direct sexual contact with him, the only cock you get to touch is my own

My limits

- I do not allow pussy worship or "cleaning up" after. This goes against my boundaries posted on my boundaries page.

- During any activities I have with him you will be in tight bondage/restraints, hooded, gagged and in chastity. I do not trust cucks to control themselves.

- You will not try to make up for your inferior status as a cuck by trying to gain any dominance or control in the session. This will immediately end the session.

- You will not ask either I or my cuckolding partner for permissions to the other. Individual consent matters.

- It goes without saying, all my boundaries included on my boundaries page still apply.

Requirements of these sessions

Tribute is required for both of us. This is double the amount of energy, preparation, planning and general work I must involve.

In order to do this type of session I must have seen you first. Your first session with me will be solely with me. I will be observing that you are able to follow boundaries and instructions.

After that you are allowed a session when my cuckolding partner is present. He will mostly be observing, humiliating ect.

Only after both these are met will you be allowed a sessions in which you are watching.

For cuckolding I am most interested in submissives with interests in sissification, domestic service, extreme bondage, degradation, human furniture, ect. However all sorts of fetishes are invited.