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Dungeon etiquette

I've had a lot of nervous new people after bookig ask me about what kind of etiquette to expect. Generally common sense just applies or I will make a swift correction during a meeting if anything does not suite my taste. I have written this guide to aid subs who have already booked in what to expect to do in general before a session.

Be washed, clean and groomed. Do any general preparation that may be assumed I will find desirable and for the type of session.

Be clear about everything listed on my boundaries page and look at my faq first if looking for additional info. If you have already booked and you are unsure of something not on my site you are encouraged to ask.

Don't be afraid to ask questions when we meet. I will have a variety of ways I will choose from to initially encourage and make you feel comfortable in communication.

Follow the instructions I give you prior to the session exactly. I will indicated after booking when to expect this.

Even if you feel compelled to. I prefer not to be addressed by my title (mistress, goddess, ma'am, ect) outside of the dungeon. I also prefer subs do not engage in acts of kneeling and such before being inside the dungeon. My style is to do things with discretion.

I've heard everything at this point. Any new interests you discover during a session or fantasies you are welcome to tell.

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