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How To Send A Deposit If You Want To Use Bitcoin

You don't have to be trading crypto to may payments in crypto. Personally I don't use it for trading, just sending and receiving. I'm not to into the NFTs and all that jazz. Crypto however is easier than most people think to use.

What are the benefits of this deposit method:

A. )

When I use a most giftcards it is a hassle and almost impossible for me to move it into my personal funds. They must site as credit on a website where they can only be used there and once there there is now way for it to be in an account.


It allows me the freedom to buy things that benefit me in a different way. I cannot buy the latex sheeting on Amazon to make my outfits for sessions for example.

How To Send Bitcoin In 3 Steps (these are all instructions for through a computer - not on mobile)

1.) Make a Coinbase account (in bitcoin terms your account is called a "wallet") and connect a way to fund it.

You don't need to worry about all the trading or all the options of crypto you can buy with bitcoin on there. If you have interested in all that at another time there are a lot of videos on it.

2.) In the right side upper corner you will see two options. A Buy/Sell button and a Send/Receive button.

First you must add the funds to you bitcoin account using the Buy/Sell option. ( I always add a little extra when I use mine in case bitcoin value is up and it costs a small percentage more to buy bitcoin at that moment. )

Wait until it's verified and available to send (or trade even if your into that thing). If it's the weekend it may take a day or so, sometimes it's more faster.

3. ) Ask for my qr code to send to me using the Send/Receive button (it's in the upper right hand corner if you need a reminder) and imputing the amount and sending it to my Coinbase encrypted address: 3Q38vk2LpBH5RDDfYsvXmqd8xXZUPP4Q47 (that's how encrypted addresses look on there)

There, it will be confirmed by blockchain for me automatically (within a a few minutes usually or only up to 30mins in the extreme).

That's it. I'll get an email saying it's there and now I am able to access it.

How to withdraw funds from bitcoin

Say you have a bit extra on there or bitcoin value is up and you've made a percentage extra on it (yes, it's all yours to take out).

To remove funds (cash out) from bitcoin:

Click on the Buy/Sell button. Select sell. Put in the amounts and make sure the "add to" option is set to "Cash/USD". Sell whatever amount of crypto in your account you want. On the next page it will give you the option to "Cash Out". Click on that and just choose how you want to receive it. You're done!

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