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My List Of Favorites


I did it and I'd do it again. A giant collected list of favorites for those subbies that like to get creative with gifts and offerings.

Favorite BDSM Toy: Bondage and Sensory Fetish Implements

Favorite BDSM Activity: Smothering Or Facesitting, Wrestling, Sensory Play and Sensory Deprivation, Worship of Wearable Materials, Sissfication

Domme Title: Goddess,Madam, Ma'am

Artist: Yayoi Kusama, Gustav Klimt, Rembrant, Claude Verlinde

Subjects: Art, Botany - Herbs Specifically, Cosmology, Learning Any New Skill, Meditation and Mindfulness, Anything Witchy/Occultism/Unusual /Not Yet Explained or Explainable Subjects Or Phenomena (particularly in cosmology), Science, Vintage Things, Sewing, Creating things

Collectibles: Candles, Teas, Plants, Hats

Shoes: Black Or Black PVC Bootsies, Knee High Boots

Articles Of Clothing: Nonprint Loose Black Blouses, Dresses, Corsets, casual alternative anesthetic most days

Gemstone: Amethyst, Tourmaline, Fluorite

Color: maroon, light purple

Material: lace, latex, pvc

Plant : Bird Of Paradise, Black Bat Flower, Chocolate Mint

Favorite Drink: Caramel Or Matcha Frappe, Hot Mint Chocolate, Mango Lassi's, Kiwi Bubble Teas or Shakes, Tea

Food: Indian dishes, Thia Curries, Mochi Ice Cream, Butter Brickle/orVanilla Ice Cream, Kimchi, Bibimbop, Sushi (I eat a mostly plant based diet but still eat meat, just not that often so I have no specific restrictions)

Wine: Anything bubbly, Sauvignon blanc

Beer: Light fruit flavored beers and Red Stripe

Mixed Drink: Sangria, Irish Coffee, Martini's

Favorite BDSM Furniture: Sex Swing, Cages, Bondage Mats

Animal: Parrots

Outdoor Hobbies: Gardening, Biking, Hiking

Favorite Gifts: I'm always in need of getting my bangs cut, professional nail extensions (both I do by myself most of the time so the leisure of having them done elsewhere is always fun), Foods, Latex Pieces, Handmade Things, Scented Oils, Deep Tissue Massages, and things for skincare

Candy: Chocolate Truffles, Heath, and apple Hi-Chews

Cake: Red Velvet

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