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New Dungeon

A new dungeon is coming. I'm in the process of moving into another vicinity which will bring an entirely new set up. On top of this there is a new addition of furniture to my dungeon and more to come. I am still taking sessions during the transition. The new location of my dungeon features the most exceptionally private discreet parking I've seen, a scenic private path to greet me, a Victorian style and many additional details which will all be a surprise and revealed once I've settled in. The process is only a week and half away from today. After that all subs will begin seeing me there.

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What Is Femdom

Femdom pertains to female domination implemented by a Dominatrix, Mistress, Domina, Goddess, Domme, Master among various other titles.  This involves BDSM play that can include things such as bondage, feminization, sissification, s&m, chastity, humiliation, a dungeon setting, flogging, whipping and other forms of impact play and much more.  See my fetish page for a more extensive list.