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New Dungeon Is Here

My new dungeon is here.

I am excited and have already begun breaking it in and sessions are filling up through June and July.

I am now the proud Mistress of a two story expanse of a dungeon featuring two opposing themed main dungeons, a large bath, a vanity area for sissification and feminization and hall with a storage area to tuck away subs in confinement with no hope of being found. At the new vicinity available is completely discrete parking within a garage. No one will see you getting in and out of your car useful if you are for example in a job position that requires particular discretion of identity.

The space is exceptionally and dramatically larger than my last and am now rapidly excelling to a peak in my life as a Dominatrix fully expressing myself in the newfound lair and in my own personal world of profound skill.

Included are many new pieces, confidently almost all of my dungeon is my creative work or has been customized and modified by my hands. On the walls of one of my dungeon rooms is an ongoing painting created be me myself which will eventually extend into the ceiling. My staircase between the dungeon rooms is a gallery expanding of print and art of my own hands.

Upcoming is also a finished and floored attic for further terror and storage of submissives. The possibilities are endless here.

I have thrown fully in an exceptional amount and dedicated months of full investment into my new dungeon not only for myself but for the experience of subs to be completely saturated in my total creativity. It is never satisfied and pours forth from me.

Also at the vicinity is my personal art and sewing studios, one being in the works and unrelated to my dungeon - this large space is quite the endeavor. In the beautiful peace I've found in this place I have a renewed interest in refining the vintage and with my instruments displayed which products of lessons in my early years.

Come see me, see what's new, and even contribute to my dungeon to my happiness and appreciation of my devotion to BDSM. Dedicate yourself to my adoration and be infatuated with your love of my skills.

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