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Spotting Fake Accounts & Phishing - Austin Dominatrix Scarlet Vexus

Example of a catfish of Austin Dominatrix Scarlet Vexus

A few things to look for to avoid getting phished.

The scammer insists on calling you or taking nefarious forms of payments from you. I never call subs unless I've already met the submissive in person and it is absolutely necessary. I also do not accept any sort of tribute other than amazon or other giftcards, my wishlist links, cash. I NEVER use western union, Paypal ect.

The scammer speaks in broken English with many typos and mistakes littered throughout.

They will obviously not sound like my literary voice. Though once in a while an occasional typo will slip through I take consideration to check my spelling and dialogue before replying to submissives.

They insist they are good, honest and looking for a personal or 24hour slave.

Usually something along the lines of "am looking for slave". I never plea to submissives in this manner. I am also never looking for a personal or 24hr slave.

The photos may be very pixelated and of extremely low quality

This is a tell tale sign they have been stolen off a one of my social media accounts where my photos have been compressed in the process of uploading them.

My watermark on my photos is missing or cropped

My images are all copyright protected, this is reflected in the use of a watermark in all of my photos. My photos on my social media will always also have my social media handle on it. I never fail to have this included.

They are following far faaar more accounts they follow than the account has followers

This is a tactic scammers use to gain faster access to individuals to steal information from. They aggressively pursue accounts of individuals they believe might fall for their scams. Since my accounts are for my professional life and spend time just uploading to them when I can I mostly follow individuals I am close to or other professionals, often other Dommes and other business I may use services from that pertain to my own. Therefore you will see more followers than accounts I am following.

They reached out to you first

Scammers have a lot of time to fish for gullible people to fall for their scams. I never contact random people "looking for a slave". All my contacts have always reached out to me first.

They're offering you clips on ALT . com, speaking to you on Kik, or using Craigslist to react out to you

I'm not on either of these platforms and don't sell clips. If you're speaking to someone on any of these locations you are being scammed.

I care deeply about submissives so take care not to get taken advantage of by scammers. I will not be unable to help you if you are so keep vigilant and practice care to avoid these kind of scams.

What Can You Do If You're Contact By A Scammer

Report it as spam, phishing and impersonation account ect. There will always be an option to do this on any platform or app you were contacted by the scammer on. This helps prevent others from having their information stolen.

Austin Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus


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