• Mistress Scarlet Vexus

Q & A 9-27-20

More Q & A from privately submitted questions.

What is you brand?

Ambrime at

How has covid effected your sessions?

I've been getting tested often (weekly). I've spaced out sessions more. My cleaning protocol has generally been the same since it was already extensive precovid (you could even call me 'ocd'), I frequently circulate the air in my dungeon and use a filter and fan when the large window in my dungeon is open to aid faster circulation of the air after sessions as well. I've sacrificed my social life. I almost never go out and when I do I tend to vet out places beforehand.

What is it that you like most about submissives?

A good question! Submissives have a satisfying strength in their servitude and trust in my desire to guide them to their best potential. I often enjoy pushing them in their matters and offering my guidance. As a Dominatrix I imagine how what I am doing is making them feel. Much of my satisfaction in the power of whatever I am doing and it's effect on the submissives body and mind.

What is your shoes size?

I wear a size 8 in most shoes. I am a 7 1/2 in heels.

Do you see switches?

Yes, I do. Though many switches have some confusion on what it means to switch. For example some think being a switch is being a bratty, defiant or difficult sub when in their submissive role. That is simply an excuse for avoidance of correction of behavioral issues and surely not excusable under my order. There are others with great understanding of there ability to switch and enjoy the experience of both without difficulties in doing so. I find these to be the ones who've learned much about themselves across their experience and journey.