• Mistress Scarlet Vexus

Q & A 9-3-20

You've asked questions and I have answers...

For your facesitting sessions can you do full weight smothering?


How tall are you?

I prefer subs to guess on this one. This really depends on how tall of heels I feel like wearing.

Do you ever hug your subs after a harsh humiliation/ physical abuse session?

Always actually. My method is to break a sub down and then build them back up before they leave. Hugs and coddling are positive facilitators of ensuring a sub is brought back into the the present out of their cathartic headspace and release of emotion.

Do you have armpit odor?

Not often. This is something that I only allow under request. In which case I'll go without deodorant while I do my gardening and yard work or while I go for a jog.

What is the best time to do a session?

I prefer evenings. I do several other projects and usually from midday until evening I am focus on working on them.

What kind of water sports sessions do you provide?

All kinds though I don't receive this request often.

Will you be visiting Houston anytime soon? Would be awesome to arrange a session?

It looks like this question was from a long time ago and pre-covid but answering it anyway. During my usual schedule I visited Houston every 3-4 months or so.

What Are You?

This a common question I get about every session and have always enjoyed the game of having people guess.