• Scarlet Vexus - Austin Texas Dominatrix and Femdom Artisan

Q & A 9-3-20

You've asked questions and I have answers...

For your facesitting sessions can you do full weight smothering?


How tall are you?

I prefer subs to guess on this one. This really depends on how tall of heels I feel like wearing.

Do you ever hug your subs after a harsh humiliation/ physical abuse session?

Always actually. My method is to break a sub down and then build them back up before they leave. Hugs and coddling are positive facilitators of ensuring a sub is brought back into the the present out of their cathartic headspace and release of emotion.

Do you have armpit odor?

Not often. This is something that I only allow under request. In which case I'll go without deodorant while I do my gardening and yard work or while I go for a jog.

What is the best time to do a session?

I prefer evenings. I do several other projects and usually from midday until evening I am focus on working on them.

What kind of water sports sessions do you provide?

All kinds though I don't receive this request often.

Will you be visiting Houston anytime soon? Would be awesome to arrange a session?

It looks like this question was from a long time ago and pre-covid but answering it anyway. During my usual schedule I visited Houston every 3-4 months or so.

What Are You?

This a common question I get about every session and have always enjoyed the game of having people guess since it so hard to tell and my look due to my straight hair and more dominant feature often makes me ambiguous. My nationality is Jamaican, my race is half black (Jamaican) and half white (American). My white parent is highly mixed from multiple backgrounds leading to an unusual mixture of traits. I am a citizen of both countries through naturalization - when someone has a parent who's a citizen of America. Jamaican birth certificate, Jamaican and American passports, the full shebang I proudly display and and have shown when curiously asked. Most Americans run off the assumption and albeit a bit prejudiced and ignorant assumption though that all Jamaican people are the same race. Every time I visit I see all types of people there, completely enmeshed, some being born there and if you've ever been there there's a lot of woman running around with a face like mine, people of Asian decent, people of white decent, people who are Muslim, everything someone not exposed to that country wouldn't expect. I can understand why this occurs however especially with appearance. I'll divulge to people what some have thought been to polite to say. My genes turned out strange and my skin changes so much depending on my photography's lighting and exposure settings,filters, or how frequently I'm outside it's stupid. I am aware of this. Regardless I don't judge people for thinking this and take is an an opportunity to inform and educate. Jamaica is beautiful country. I have returned to multiple times to visit my family and I will never feel ashamed of my nationality or hide it.

when I came to America when I was 2 I living around a predominantly American culture and accents with my mother being the only Jamaican accent I was around. I only have remnants of this and of my nationalities culture. I consider myself American being I basically grew up here my entire life. Though I have fun speaking broken patwa, I cook killer Jamaican food I was raised eating and thought from my mother and of course I'm all into the dances....