• Mistress Scarlet Vexus

Red Flags Every Submissive Should Look Out For


The notorious fake profiles and phishing. They're like roaches. This unfortunately just comes along with being a Dominatrix.

Phishing relies on several general things

Submissive who belief that prodomination is cheap/easy and so believe someone willing to do so for ridiculously cheap is a "real" Domme.

The stigma or shame that comes with being involved in BDSM in some people's lives

Because sw in general is not decriminalized there's a lot of room for phishers to take advantage of reluctance towards recourse

To protect yourself from this refer to my post on how to spot phishing here.

A Domme downtalking other Dommes

I've seen this behavior sparsely over the course of my career, and a majority of Dominatrices are incredibly confident and could care less about doing this to each other, but unfortunately it's something that does exist.

Downtalking others to subs comes out of a sense of feeling threatened by others in some form. Sometimes it's done by those who are still in their early years and haven't figured out what works in the industry or previously came from a place were this was a norm catered to. Over time people who do this usually realize this doesn't benefit them and self correct.

People in general may do this do so because:

  1. The person may want to discourage submissive from seeing what they fear as "competition"

  2. A boundary issue occurred which may have cause the other person to disconnect and the person is talking them down to subs in retaliation or other industry drama that does not have anything to do with your session.

  3. In some very strange instances from underlying prejudiced. I ran into a Domme many many years ago that disclosed she didn't like Asain Dommes and would target Asain Dommes with gossip to clients that each Domme was "unsafe".

When directed to a submissive this may take several forms framed as in your interest "I've heard things about -" "Just so you know that Domme is (some negative quality) -" I can guarantee after observing this over many years between Dommes is 99% of the time the person is doing this is the problem and the vast majority of Dommes are not this way.

I don't bother down talking Dommes to submissives whether I share the same thoughts with someone or not. I do not give subs the privy to what goes on in the background in this profession as this kind of behavior normally leads to giving subs power and give subs the idea they can pit Dommes against each other for male attention - as a form of manipulation to get a "discounts". Subs who fall for this kind of behavior are not subs I'm interested in seeing.

Improper Handling Of High Risk Equipment


Sounds should never be sitting in the open unclean from sessions that aren't yours. This degrades the sounds and is a sanitation hazard.

Sounds should never just be sitting thrown into their carrying case open. This show lack of care about storage and is also a sterilization hazard.

Sounds shouldn't just be sprayed with cleaner and put away. A boiling technique must be used on them or they must be put through a sterilization machine.

Rusted sounds being used on subs

Sounds should never be used on you without lube!!


Blood and sharps that have not come from your session should never be visible in open air. Sharps should be contained in a hazardous waste/sharps container.

Blood should not be visible on the floor or equipment.