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About Deposits

Deposits is the first step in meeting a Dominatrix. Messing this up can be almost a guarantee you will miss the opportunity to meet. The following are mistakes that have occurred at least once in my course as a Dominatrix.

You are not booked until deposit is made.

You are not on my calendar after I have established a time and date. You only are after a deposit is received. I will not have you scheduled or prepare for a session otherwise.

I don't pursue deposits

I'm just too busy to do this.

Read The Instructions At The Bottom Of The First Contact Email You Receive

This includes everything you need to know to make a session's deposit. Asking how to deposit after this has already been sent in the first emails presents yourself as not being able to follow directions which is imperative when in a dungeon.

Do not send full tribute via the method for deposits. Deposit is completed separately.

This will freeze and lock you out of your account. If I redeem such it will also freeze and lock my account and disturb others scheduling. This is an instruction to always follow or I will deny deposit.

I received deposits to a specific email indicating booked individuals.

Send to the email I include in the instructions. This ensure keeping track of who is booked efficient.

I only accept deposits via gift cards.

Options within this requirement will be included in my email's instructions. I will not accept any other form of deposit (ex. cash app, venmo)

Do not include non-discreet notes on deposits

This is another way to get you account locked or frozen and for me to reject a deposit.

If I reject a deposit I will give you instructions on how to correct it.

This is always possible until it is redeemed by me.

Deposit in a timely manner.

This is either immediately or within a few hours of booking if it is not a same day request. I will not have you on my booking calendar otherwise. If you deposit late or right before a requested time it will be unavailable.


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