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The Importance of How You Approach A Dominatrix

There are many forms I get I simply don't reply to due to a number of factors that have inspired me to write this post. How you approach a Domme is correlated to the response (if any in some cases) that you receive. It's imperative to take care and consideration in your initial contact. I've seen many mistakes prospective submissives make that in most cases ruin an opportunity of response or further engagement.

You Shot A One-Liner Or A Poorly filled Out Form Things like "Hi" or "Hey feeling like hanging out tonight" with a random number attached or "hey you availb?" isn't going to get a response. When you approach me you are presenting yourself to me and must give me a reason to want to interact with you.

You're On A Black List This is a given. You Didn't Follow Contact Protocol It's transparent if the contact protocol next to the booking request is not read. If one can't follow something as simple as a contact protocol then naturally I will assume you aren't going to be a good listener in person either and therefore will not be able to follow my direction or stay within boundaries. This is not the kind of person I would want to session with.

You Inquired For Something Listed On My Boundaries You Sent Out an En Mass Message I never reply to these kind of inquires. They're lazy, uncreative, and often riddled with errors. They don't inspire me in any way to contact someone. You're Looking For a Girlfriend In The Wrong Places This is a red flag to me and a personal boundary. Often these subs are looking to live out a fantasy with unrealistic expectations and grossly misunderstand what that sort of situation entails. I don't respond to any forms with this kind of request in them.

You're Unable To Approach Me From a Submissive Manner

When speaking with a Dominatrix you must give a reason for me to want to play with you. I am not attracted to non-submissive mannerisms.

You're trying to get free smut

These types of contacts are transparent and follow a predictable method. "I'll deposit" followed up by something along the lines of trying to get details of what I'll do to said contact or details of how a session goes. These reflect an uninspiring lack of commitment. It's a turn off that results in moving onto someone else.

You're looking to just chat, just discuss, call, or write/text something like 10 paragraphs of text about your fantasies without booking first - or requests of such while checking "incall" as the type of request.

I delete these kinds of request and emails without reading them because the potential sub has shown they're unable to serve me in my first requirement approaching me - that is respecting my time. I'm not inspired to engage with submissives who don't show the common manners displayed by a majority when approaching a professional Domme.

To engage in fantasy discussions and verbal play revolving around this, for example discussing lovely lengthy details of all I could be doing to you and related, a text or call discussion can be booked.

Recycled words and phrases specifically used by me in my interactions with those I've chosen to block.

I am deliberate about creating specific greetings, phrases, words and email formats in my initial interactions. When they are used in interacting with me again and it's an immediate give away it's someone I've chosen to decline. Showing one cannot respect my decision and boundaries is continued guarantee for me not to trouble with engagement.

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