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The Latex Fetish

One of the things that has become an unexpected obsession of mine is latex. There is something about the feel and look of latex which has a unique appeal to the senses like no other. It's like a second skin. Transparent latex especially tantalizingly obscures with the reflection of light showing the skin beneath as if through the reflection of a mirror. That is something unmatched by other material. I've also found a lot of creatively involving latex in sensory play, particularly forms of sensory deprivation. One of my favorite pieces is my vacuum bed, a restricting hug of rubber that leaves the sub vulnerable to all my whims with no visual to predict from. My newest addition, a latex breath play hood, involves a number of tubes which can be pinched individually restricting are in a practical slow manner without fully removing it. Full body bondage involving latex is also another favorite. Since my first latex garment my love of latex has grown exponentially. I collect and create latex attainables unable to get enough. I in fact set aside an individual investment of funds simply to satisfy my latex love alone. I'm also please when one comes to me sharing this particular one of several interests and submissives curious about the world of latex have been immersed in an intense and fun world of my obsession.

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