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(Update 7-22-20) In Person Sessions and Rules To Mitigate Risks

In addition what's written in my original post from May 1st I have an update on the latest.

Since then I have only been taking incall sessions once or twice a month. Interestingly enough this had lead to creating focus on different kinds of deep connections. Wilts this existed before having to be strictly selective with such low incall capacity it's developed in some new ways.

I still continue to take incalls myself strictly avoiding no public outings in-between. My incall restrictions have increased slightly now with a minimum of 16 days or more between sessions. There is no public contact between them and as per my last post my space is kept perhaps a bit over the top but worth it's comfort sterile.

I love the virtual and call arrangements. They have become an intriguing extension of creativity. I still strongly encourage these especially if I am booked out or within the 16 day minimum period. I am also taking booking farther in advance now to accommodate my choice of reduced number of in person sessions per month. Most of the time I will have incall availability when contacted however with my busy booking of distance sessions.

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