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What's New!

My Project

It took me about two years, being extremely secretive of my dungeon and plans until I had almost the entirety of it complete. This is the Illustration To Reality Experience™, a nod to and appreciation of how I got into into Prodomination and what led me to meet an illustrator that had set up a domination house after their partner became a Prodomme...leading me into the world of pro-domination myself and ultimately finding something that suited most of my passions. Over the last two years I had to take a lot of time away from photoshoots and breaks here and there on my socials so that I could dedicate to time to build this project. I noticed both the subs who where dedicated and supportive of my work as well as those who were oppositely fickle and rude making sweeping assumptions and demands I was online constantly and emailing at the snap of a finger while I made something to benefit my domination and submissives alike. I will not be accepting the latter to have this authentic and impossible to replicate experience as they had actively gone against it success.

- I modified and updated much of my private galleries. I hope to keep them, now that my hands are more free, updated regularly.

- I'm loading up much of my illustrations still to my website. I have traditionally been an on paper illustrator and some of the canvases over time have been effected by storage, moving place to place ect so I am having to make a digital re-renderings or scan them and recolor them in a high volume in a short amount of time. Images of them on damage canvas are not translating well to digital images unfortunately. I am taking my time on the best of those pieces being translated to digital format and for now only keeping up a few of the smaller lesser pieces of mine.

- The teasers are back.

There is more to come soon.

Since there is a lot I have added, despite much attendance to it it, there may still be things to smoothed out on the site. If you there is any links that need attention or error on the site it is welcomed to inform me so it can be promptly attended to.

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