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In Person Sessions and Rules To Mitigate Risks

I have begun taking in person sessions with the state slowly reopening. My dungeon has always had and continues to have exceptional cleaning standards. After every session the dungeon is sterilized with with bleach and cavicide, with toys and instruments put through an additional boiling sterilization bath while the dungeon is circulated with fresh air. In addition to these things that have already been in place there will be extra precautions added to mitigate risks.

- Sessions will not be held back to back. There will be bracket of two weeks or longer between sessions

- Sessions will be booked at a much lower volume than I usually take to meet the above so I will be particularly strict about who I see

- No personal toys from the home of the submissive may be brought into my dungeon

- I will not involve spitting and other activities that spread respiratory droplets and create a high risk within the dungeon. I will not read any forms that contain these requests.

- Submissives running a fever or who have a cough will not be permitted in the dungeon

My personal activities naturally hardly require me to leave home. When I do go out I won't be scheduling sessions for a few days after.

I am as always strictly selective about who I see. Inquiries that don't book in their first reply after my initial email with instructions are filtered from those I'm responding too. The method I receive forms through is set up to filter out forms with content I don't usually respond to so I won't be receiving forms submitted with said content. Review my post on "The Importance Of How You Approach A Dominatrix" to avoid this.

Photo: Self photography and editing of photo wearing self made mask.

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