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I schedule a variety of different types of sessions.  In addition are a variety  of ways to serve and worship luscious Domme and provide me with enjoyment. Be verse on my boundaries, contact protocol, and session protocol.

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In Person


In Person Sessions

These are in person sessions held within my private dungeon.

Request booking here


Deposit is required immeadietly upon scheduling. No exceptions.

Deposits come out of the session tribute, are non-negotiable and vary depending on the length and required amount of preparation for the session.

Deposits counts towards session tribute.

Deposit for sessions 2 hours and below - $100

Deposit for sessions 3 hours  - $150

Four hours and above - $75 per book hour


Tribute is non-negotiable and required at the beginning of sessions. 



$350 the first hour, $300 per each hour after the first

90 minute sessions - 460

Minimum 1 hour


OUTCALL - Not Available



Deposit and both Domme's individual tribute is required



1hr - $250 per person

2 hrs or more - $225 per person per hour



Overnight - 1,550

This is the tribute for around 5 hours of session time Overnights start at 8pm with kink until 2pm, rest in bound in a sleep sack, then a 9-12pm morning, any related expenses during that time are the responsibility of the submissive

Weekends - 2,550

Weekends start from Friday evening at 10pm till Sunday evening at 8pm

Entire Week Sunday through Saturday - 5,000

These are at my discretion.  These require extensive planning and preparation.  There are also specific rules to these extremely extended sessions

4 weekends  Friday - Saturday - 1,000 which is given in advance at the beginning of the month and are held all 4 weekends of the month.

This is becoming a small part of my personal life, the submissive is require to cater and serve to any guests I have over and maintain house duties.  The submissive will serve all required tasks and be my chauffeur for all errands and outings.

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Call and tex sessions with a domnatrix

Call & Text

Call & Text

Want to discuss your femdom fantasies and all I'll do to you? Want to be bossed around, humiliated by a Goddess's power so dominant over you she can make you do anything even when she's not there? Desire to provide me with tantalizing entertainment or  perhaps you're working up the nerve to see me in person? Book at text or call session/discussion/engagement.


15 min - $30

30 min - $60

1 hr - $120

Text (currently unavailable)

30 min- $45

1hr - $90

**After the allotted time is over the texting number becomes disengaged.  I won't receive anything after that time to that number.

Virtual BDSM Fetish & Kink with Mistress Scarlet Vexus

Virtual Sessions & Long Distance Training

Virtual Sessions & Long Distance Training *unavailable*

These are sessions over Skype which may include the use of long distance toys I can control via an app.  These kinds of toys can be purchased at many online stores or in person shops prior to the session.


Request a Virtual Session here

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austin dominatrix foot fetish engagements



Buy my well worn shoes, bras, socks, or panties saturated with all my natural aromas

These may be bought in session or shipped discretely.  Shipping fees will be added to cost.

austin dominatrix foot fetish engagements

Social Time

Social time is time outside of sessions.  Social time does not involve any BDSM, play or kink involved in sessions.  Social time occurs in a public space, these can be dinners, drinks, taking me shopping or other activities.  This is essentially getting to know me in a more personal and casual setting. Subs do not return home with me unless a session has been arranged after the social time. I also do not share transport with the sub unless a session is arranged after. In which case transport must be safe and include safe driving. This is only available to those I have already met in person.

Social time - $200 per hour tributed for in advance

All related expenses are the responsibility of the submissive.



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fetish chastity Austin Dominatrix

Chastity Keyholding

Chastity Keyholding

Weekly keyholding with or without some engagement throughout

$50 per week

Sessions & Worship