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I have both a public and private amazon wishlist.  My public wishlist is limited in what I add to it.  My private wishlist is where I keep my most desired goodies.  My private one is only available upon request from already booked individuals or those I have seen before.

Public wishlist here
Private wishlist available upon request

You may also  send or bring me any number of giftcards or certificates which I greatly value.  You may also refer to my Post Of Favorites for my likes if you're feeling creative.

Below are some I enjoy to receive:
Etsy of course!
Visa or Mastercard giftcards

Clothing, Outfits, Shoes

As you can infer I am madly obsessed with corsets

I wear a size 20 Corset.  I am particular about the quality, tight-lacing ability and shape of the corset.  I only buy from specific brands that can fit my...unique body shape.  As such I prefer to buy these myself.  The most useful way to gift me this is by sending an Etsy giftcard.

Bottoms - size medium of stretchy material or a size large in non stretchy material.
Bras  - B36 to C32 depending on brand
Shoe - size 8
Blouses - size small
Latex Headwear - size xs

Latex Items
Latex sheeting in black since I can design and wear most of my own fashion designs.
Already made dresses and hoods.

Contributions To My  Other Creative Work

Professional Artwork
I can always use oil paints, frames, and photo paper
Commissioned Artwork May Be Requested In Person - Examples Will Only Be Shown In Person
Artwork can be also be added to a variety of items, pieces with unusual materials can also be commissioned
I am an award winning artist with many years under my belt, experience and standard of unique style.  I really take high pride in this as it has taken many years of hard work to achieve that often go underappreciated by those who've never had to do so.  Just as some without the experience of being a prodomme do not know how much goes into being a prodomme. I will only work with certain types of materials given my niche. Cost will reflect this and will be non negotiable.

Professional Photography
Photography Specific Bulbs


bondage cage of austin Mistress


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