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Austin Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus


Austin Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus sitting in dungeon |  Fetish BDSM & Kink | Wishlist

I have both a public and private wishlist.  My public wishlist is limited in what I add to it.  My private wishlist is where I keep my most desired goodies.  My private one is only available upon request from already booked individuals or those I have seen before.

Public wishlist here
Private wishlist available upon request

You may also  send or bring me any number of giftcards or certificates which I greatly value.  You may also refer to my Post Of Favorites for my likes if you're feeling creative.

Clothing, Outfits, Shoes

I wear a size 20 Corset.  I am particular about the quality, tight-lacing ability and shape of the corset.  I only buy from specific brands that can fit my...unique body shape.  As such I prefer to buy these myself.  The most useful way to gift me this is by sending an Etsy giftcard.

Bottoms - size large of stretchy material or a size xl in non stretchy material.
Bras  - B36 to C32 depending on brand
Shoe - size 8
Blouses - size small
Latex Headwear - size s

Latex Items

-Much of my own latex clothing is made myself,  I also make a wide array of professional level latex bondage gear.  I'm always in need of quality materials for this.
-Already made dresses and hoods.


Contributions To My  Other Creative Work
Always ask me first about the materials I use or need at the moment. 


Do avoid bringing items that are not listed as a favorite or on wishlists

It not to be mistaken that because I am creative I will find a use with random junk.    These thing will turn into clutter I cannot afford to have around.  If you are unsure about something ask me first.


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