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Austin Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus


Booking Request

My booking form is the best way to initiate contact with me. Expect a response within the same day or the next, if you don't hear from me review your spam folder.  Keep in mind that I am high protocol in initial contact.


The method I receive booking requests though is automated and filters submitted forms containing content I'm unlikely to respond to (forms requesting items includes in my boundaries). I'm also swift to filter out unproductive communication within the first emails and will therefore cease to see or reply to them. The following are answers to things I have seen across time.

When will you reply?

If you haven't heard from me first check your spam folder.  In general, I'm not interested in impatient types.  It's part of the power dynamic in my personal practice. I'm more interested in subs who are discerning enough to be interested in the care and attention to detail I put into my work.  My responses times fluctuate,  I respond when I am not in a session. 99% of the time there is no need for anxiety and I have likely not rejected the contact. 

Do I need to verify myself?

Yes,  I'll send you a set of options too.  I will ask you to censor out certain information. 

Will you hold an arranged time without a deposit?


Do you take same day requests for sessions?

No unfortunately.

Can we discuss my fantasies or ideas I have in mind before booking?

After one is booked I will allow more in depth disclosure and exploration building on or adding to what is communicated in the initial request.

What should I be aware of before initiating contact?

Be familiar with my tribute , FAQ ,  and boundaries

Can I get you angry and get free verbal domination?

No, I just ignore or block. Anything forced or non-consensual doesn't show interest in a femdom power dynamic.


Requests that include any of the below will be ignored:

- ignoring deposit instructions and trying to force a conversation instead without a session secured

- requests for my address before booking

- requesting me to call you

- asking for my personal number

- asking to deposit or tribute via means I do not instruct

- just wanting to chat or extensive session details for wank fodder.  A phone discussion can be requested instead. My time is designed to be spent in the most efficient matter prioritizing more time to subs I've seen, uninterrupted sessions and time devoted to ongoing improvement in skills.​

- Requests that include any of the do nots of approach here

You're Getting Redirected To Google Instead Of The "Submission had been made message"

My form filters certain input.  This functions to reduce the number of request I normally don't respond to.  If this happens to you check the the open fill area under "Introduce yourself".

You made a typo and cannot select it again to change it

There are some browsers this may happen in.  If this happens just refresh the page.

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Be patient.   I do not interrupt sessions  to answer requests.  If you feel your request may not have reached me you may submit another. For more information read my Faq

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