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Booking Request


My booking form is the best way to initiate contact with me. Expect a response within the same day or the next, if you don't hear from me also check my reply didn't end up in a spam.  I answer requests up till 8 to 8:30pm during weekdays to maintain a steady schedule.  I don't typically answer requests on weekends, during sessions or photoshoots.


The method I receive booking requests though is automated and filters submitted forms containing content I'm unlikely to respond to (forms requesting items includes in my boundaries). I'm also swift to filter out unproductive communication within the first emails and will therefore cease to see or reply to them. To avoid this be familiar with my Contact Protocol.  Other notes are included as below:

Remember I come off far more intimidating on my site with my rules than I am via email to discourage unsavory behavior. You're likely after booking to receive an introspective and eloquent warmth while dominant demeanor to look forward too! Unless of course you are into the opposite. 

·      Deposit is required to book

·      I do not respond to communication requesting my address before booking, for me to call you, provide my personal number, or accept deposit and tribute via any other means than I direct.

·      No same day requests.  As a Dominant you are on my time. I am not on call.

·      If you've submitted a request and have not heard from me first check your spam

·      Be familiar with my tribute and FAQ ,  as well as my boundaries





·      Requests that include any of the do nots of approach here

·      Approaches that are not respectful


·      Individuals who don't deposit after deposit instructions are sent (instances when one would be clearly trying to waste my time)

·      I do not respond to just wanting to chat or discuss. For engagement in fantasy play and discussions book a phone session. My time is designed to be spent in the most efficient matter prioritizing more time to subs I've seen, uninterrupted sessions and time devoted to ongoing improvement in skills.​


·      Requests for heavily pre-scripted sessions or extensive session details for wank fodder.


·      Until a deposit is complete no time is booked.  Do so promptly. 


·      I don't read or respond to lengthy disclosure of fantasies from those not booked. After one has secured a session I will allow more in depth disclosure and exploration.

You're Getting Redirected To Google Instead Of The "Submission had been made message"

My form filters certain input.  This functions to reduce the number of request I normally don't respond to.  If this happens to you check the open fill areas.

You made a typo and cannot select it again to change it

There are some browsers this may happen in.  If this happens refresh the page.


Once a request is submitted I usually respond within the day after I am no longer in a session.  I don't typically check emails on weekends or after 8-8:30pm daily in order to maintain a healthy schedule and and provide myself time to replenish energy benefiting sessions. This does not mean my sessions are only limited to those times.  For more information read my FAQ