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I am Scarlet Vexus™, grand, sublime and everything divine.™ A dominatrix of a variety of refined talents and endless skills in all elements of my vanilla life as well as BDSM. I am a multi award winning fine artist and jack of all trades. My works you will find proudly displayed at my dungeons location and on my website. Additionally I create or customize nearly all my BDSM related implements, toys, furniture, dungeon decor and latex outfits by hand with my obsession with kink and weaving it in tandem with my "unique" inherent qualities of mind and character. My own artisan leatherwork and various creations I use on submissives for my pleasure. I have 7 years of experience as a prodomme adding on an additional 7 years experience as an avid lifestyle Domme prior.  I'm also an owner of multiple successful business ventures.  For the latter I have been asked by the less informed of the long term benefits of BDSM why I do pro domination in addition. I do so because I choose as a want out of my passion and love for domination that adds to the balance of my professional and personal life and choose to do this to live out a fulfilling satisfying role in exploration and intimate depth. 

I am a striking Domme of elegance, extravagance and enthusiasm -  I shift from the gentle to the disciplinary or cruel within the fluidity of my energy and requests I receive.  I enjoy studying submissives, delving into the inner pits of their fantasies.  An intimidating woman to many upon first encounter only to find me quite the charmer that draws in without judgement while examining and determining my implementation. Descriptions alone don't do me justice.    I am a person of layers upon more layers with always more to be revealed and discovered.  I possess a magnetism that reals into my web and an introspective nature.  I have many long term dynamics that attest to this.  There is an intuition and knowledge I possess, an extremely unusual dark history to me, that influences and makes my sessions almost feel like therapy.  I can hold one's darkest secrets without a bat of an eye and with a strength,and extensive self flourishing nature that is solid at which subs both admire and aspire to.  I know the limits of human nature, what the truest of darkness is and reformed it into a possession of intense healing, power and domination exploring the depths of your desires.  I am a woman who wears proudly the armor and trophies of colorful living and I certainly know well how to break down, burn down in transformative fire, remold and reform a submissive in catharsis, release, even healing and the shadow of my fearless dive into the unknown of the soul, mind and spirit.

My dungeon is a living creative project truly interesting in ways that would be impossible to put in words.  I strive for contrast and testing my mind and skills to their limits powerfully unsurpassed in every way. I can be incredibly intense and pull one into an entirely different world. This is what stands out most about myself and my style of BDSM. Lastly my curves are mind boggling, particularly my thick thighs and hips and of course a face-sitting dream of a derriere.  I enjoy all kinds of kinks and fetishes which you will find listed on my site.  Enjoy the glimpse of me these pages offer and my very own photography to view.

Austin Dominatrix
Femdom, BDSM & Fetish Goddess
Exotic Latex Queen