Portrait of Texas ProDomme and Mistress in fetish clothig for website, sadomasochism and bdsm art
Austin latex mistress Scarlet vexus in red robe
BDSM and Kink Curator and Dominatrix in Austin Texas Dungeon
Photo by Austin Dominatrix Scarlet Vexus
Kinky Facsitting Pic Of Scarlet Vexus
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Scarlet Vexus



Austin Texas Professional Dominatrix And Latex Goddess

 Fetish, BDSM & Femdom Artisan

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I am Scarlet Vexus a unique artisan of a variety of refined talents, skills in all elements of my vanilla life as well as BDSM. Anything with the nimble dexterity of my hands I've immersed in obsession including all things related to my life as a skilled Domme.  I work as a professional artist with a supplemental focus on traditional art in the Austin area for up to 8 years featured in 6 galleries and owning three awards.  I am the proud owner of two burgeoning businesses refined with my unique style. 


I have a passion for domination that adds to the balance of my professional and personal life and choose to do this to live out a fulfilling a satisfying role in cerebral exploration and intimate depth.  I came from the lifestyle that started early on when I was blessed with beginning on my own and exploring with a kinky partner at the early age of twenty which continued on for many years.  It's been 9 years since then and I'm now within my fifth year as a professional and never happier.

My main niche is specializing in sensory and tactile experiences of latex rubber and lace though I often engage in a variety of fetishes.  I also enjoy a number of other types of play such as body worship and face-sitting, bondage, wrestling, humiliation, tantric mental domination and more.  I am a striking Domme of elegance and extravagance -  I shift from the gentle to the disciplinary or cruel within the fluidity of my energy and requests I receive.  I enjoy studying submissives, delving into the inner pits of their fantasies.  I intimidate and nervous many who first see me but I am often in person an initial charmer that draws in without judgement of your desires leading many into a comforting space before entering into the farther depths of the experience.

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