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Austin Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus

Select any of your interests of Me below.  I value my genuineness, creativity and being most of all an open book...

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I am Scarlet Vexus™, grand, sublime and everything divine.™ Austin Dominatrix. I am by many been described as the most incredible bizarrely kinky deep individuals one will ever meet.  I have lived and experience full of depth of a colorful life that influences my style of Domination on a deep psychological level. 

I am salacious tease of the highest degree and use domination to reach a standard of perfection I strive for all within my realm.  My degree of investment and experience in my 8 years as a professional Dominatrix and my private experiences as a avid daily player years prior  to my enthusiastic leap into doing what I love professionally aids to this perfection.  


I'm additionaly an owner of multiple successful business ventures I cross over subtly with my fetish exploits moonlighting as a ProDominatrix.  I have been asked by the less informed of the benefits of BDSM why I do pro domination in addition. I do so because I choose as a want out of my passion and love for domination that adds to the balance of my professional and personal life and choose to do this to live out a fulfilling satisfying role in exploration and intimate depth.  I can't deny this part of myself or stay away.

You are privy to all I provide here and exploring my unique approuch to my delights.

My background

I've always had a complex fascination and affectionate interest in the more taboo elements of the mind, not just the sexual components but the more hidden realms that manifest into BDSM.  I have a powerful set of references for all the psychological implementations I use upon you. 

My focus is not primarily based on just getting someones dick hard.  BDSM has always been more to me. While I can take some professional level photography of myself in hot poses I mentally I focus more on compenents of my skill and my minds value to my domination.  I want to be both, portraying sexual freedom and embracing a love of my own beauty but also being multifaceted in my parts of mind and as an individual.


I had a like of femdom before I even know what it was.  I never was exposed to porn (in which I discovered what to call my interest) until I was 20 so I ended up compelled to drew my own.  The wildest craziest things I could think of all based on sadomasochism. I feel that this is the most purest and authentic way in my life this could manifest.

I also entered into a BDSM heavy long term relationship early in adulthood which allowed me an in depth personal exploration and invaluable experience. After that I decided to do what I love professionally gaining more expansive experiences while remaining a lifestyle Domme in private still.

Finally the last of my note of background I originally having natural therapeutic nature that allows one to feel like they can divulge anything and a deep compassion had actually been a physchology major in college getting quite deep into it before changing to a degree in a wide range of creative elemetns I could use professionally in the vanilla world. I still use my knowledge I did gain in physcholgy for my sessions even today.  You are free to pick my knowledge and learn all about what I know from me.

Dominatrix Austin Mistress Scarlet Vexus
My Background
Austin Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus In Her Dungeon

Approachable and Focused on Skilled Safety Protocol and Cleanliness

I take great pride in having a pristine dungeon and enjoy being open an approachable with subs about all my safety protocols and cleaning routines.  I also practice RACK and SSC.  I have  taken multiple classes and training in areas of safety and various skills.  Perhaps being a bit excessive and even perhaps to what one my deem and an unnecessary degree to some with all my cleaning and safety protocols to facilitate my comfort (as well as subs).  I cannot play without this ensured.  Consent is also important to me, your boundaries are always kept in mind and  I will always provide a submissive an ability to safeword.  When it comes to concerns about disease and so forth know that I have extensive measures in place. This is also why I never take extremely short notice sessions. 

Clean ad Safe

My relationships with submissives

I value amazing connections and my biggest facet is in focusing on authenticity.   I feel this allows me to engage in an interesting style of individualized domination that can be beneficial in multiple ways.  I embrace the idea of being someone genuine.  I will also often engage you in stimulating conversation and also at times feel completely comfortable with silence when need be.  I like to bond and create a cycle of positive fluid energy between myself and a sub.  My relationship with many subs is much like a therapist.  I can be an incredible friend knowing well how to manage the boundaries of the professional aspect of the relationship as well or I can be that one experience you wanted to have that left your mind blown.

In my longer term dynamics I like to experiment and always add extensive new exploration to the delights I embark in.  Especially with those with a keen interest in adding bondage.

My relationships with submisives

The Unhinged Creator

My most prominent part of my character is how absolutely enmeshed I am in the creative realm and wildly stretching my imagination. You will see all sorts of proof of the detailed extensiveness of my creativity all over my site.  Think about how that mind and level of out of the box thinking prevails in my sessions. 

My original love was in drawing - fetish drawings that is!  I explored all my wildest sickest limitless fantasies in these and have a private fetish for pleasure myself during their making. This expanded into a large volume of talents that all apply to BDSM in unusual and fun ways.  I like recreating everything my mind has imagined.  When I go outside of the box I truly go way outside of the box.  You will be experiencing things you never even thought of before.

Indirectly even relating what better a person to know all the perfect points of bondage and buttons to push than someone who's been drawing anatomy from memory for years. I also have a fun with creating never before seen paddles, floggers, latex or leather goodies and other pieces as well as expanding my jack of all trade skills. As the retired luxury brand that focus on leather and latex I am my forte is in that in particular.  I don't want to just say it.  I want you to see it!

I am in my vanilla life multiple award winning artist for my wild mind, wicked enjoyment of the orifice of the brain and this defiantly is a testament to my personality and how I even am with my sessions. Detailed and dedicated ever seeing more to learn and perfecting my skills to the finest.

I am extremely supportive of the arts.  In ways outside of kink this transformed and saved my life.  My belief is that all humans are by nature tapped into an element of creation.  Whether it a gift of gab, leadership or something else. If you don't know your talent I will help you find it. I have a passion and goal in life to do this. However I leave that story for upon request.  Lets stay focused solely on kink for here.

Austin Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus
The Unhinged Creator
Dominatrix Austin Texas Mistress Scarlet Vexus

A Dark Refinery

I have a powerful esthetic and personality.  This is a combination of some unique features of my experiences and outlooks that manifest in me that are irreplaceable.

I carry myself with refinery, classic beauty, and elegant mystery that reflect my personality.  I like to involve myself in quality from my relationships to the events and dinners I attend and my dungeon equipment.  I am a woman of savvy tastes, enveloping mysterious grace and a certain distinct form of refinery.

I highly value the authentic  and a strong identity and individuality in people and I can see though it if one is not.  This is the most prominent of myself so strong it especially influences.  I always hated the idea of following and trying to blend in, trying to be like someone else or be "popular".  Instead I enjoyed more standing alone, being original and authentic to myself. I'm unable to be a show for anyone in my life particularly to men.  Instead you meet me, expressive, confident and deep. This influences subs in amazing ways I've enjoyed observing over the years. Come to me as your personality without feeling nervous about it. Shy nervous, or extroverted.  I like them all. If you want to improve on something in your sexual facets or even further, let me know and I will add taking joy in enhancing your strongest points.

A Dark Refinery

A Master Of The Psychological

My mastery of psychological wickedness is incomparable, thinking it once a vice before I was a Prodomme.  I'm always by habit thinking ten steps ahead, observant and cunning and I even sometimes like to take delight in leaving you thinking you're still in control and not easily predictable.  I take a devil-like sadistic joy in this and expand upon this knowledge in my leisure time reading about the details of human behaviors and the mind. I'll always have way of twisting subs back upon themselves with those who enjoy consensual matters of this.  I find this mentally stimulating and often take a great amount of detail in observing ones behaviors and dynamics.  I was actually the product of some interesting psychological implements even upon myself externally which cause me to positively develop such a skill using this for a better purpose.  A purpose of wicked good, of pleasure and advancement.

I am the type of person with motives of compassion but uncanny ability to play sport with the mind for the production of a positive outcome.  I'll even go as far as to play a villain just if I think it will get you to a desired place.  Every decision and action has a set of outcomes I intend. I already have a in motion plan. When it's needed or wanted I can push and push you hard.  If you're looking for someone who will kick you into something even better I certainly can use a lot of psychological devices on you - or even if it's just a simple delight you want to try.


Austin Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus Latex Gloves
A Maser Of The Psychological
An Exotic Goddess
Austin Dominatric Mistress Scarlet Vexus Latex Fetish

An Exotic Goddess

I am mixed.  Italian, Jamaican and French.   I even carry two passports from both Jamiaca and the US.  I immigrated to the US when I was 4.  However I'm very open about my  numerous experiences returning there throughout life.


My Personality

My Personality

During sessions subs listen to my words roll poetically of my tongue, my fluctuating tones and low pitch give me a strong undercurrent of power in my voice that scores my words.  I am a pro at verbal domination.  Doubly  charismatic,  I have an authentic grin that bears in ones mind a lot longer then a sessions time.  Most of all I have an uncanny and even frightening ability to get in your head, analyze you and make a calculation of you.  It is by my nature.

My default however is more Scarlet "Light".  Particularly with new or more unsure subs. With all the these elements in the undercurrent of the background and my undefeated joy that BDSM and being a dominatrix both in and out of sessions brings me I am highly personable.  I am easy to talk to and very much carry the vibe of woman you want to know more and more about-an open book, woman of incredible talents and achievements.  A true powerful woman who creates the most colorfully painted experiences of pleasure upon will alone.

I also don't discriminate.  How can I without against myself?  I also do not discriminate or judge on things such as over abilities or being perfect at writing.

In my vanilla live my personality is noted as calm.  However always retaining a no bullshit attitude and fiery slice of myself I conserve and control for sessions or boundaries.

Austin Dominatrix Scarlet Vexus
Austin Texas Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus

My Dungeon

My dungeon is multi-room and extensively adorned with equipment, unique enjoyments and custom tailored with items from my illustrations and designs when I could not find what my imagination desired online. I'm only able to capture in my photos a very small amount of what is present. 

My dungeon is truly interesting in ways that would be impossible to put in words.  I'm about everything suiting my exact tastes and reflection of myself. I invest heavily in separate funds even using my vanilla work for it to obtain the best.  My like of role-play and kink is sewn in tandem with my "unique" inherent qualities of mind and character.


My Dungeon

Physical Attributes

It's not secret I am amply curvaceous.  My legs taper from a thick ass, massive thighs, big hips to a delicately tapered build of legs, a smaller waist and complimentary upper build. Many have described my face in person as being very expressive with distinct liveliness in my eyes and complimentary energy. I don't have any body modifications wanting to alter myself though working out and focusing on enhancing certain areas with muscle. However I carry an open minded nature and no judgement towards individuals who choose to enhance their body differently. For my stats visit my Wishlist page.


Austin Femdom Mistress Scarlet Vexus
Physical Attributes

In Summary

I'm a dominatrix of a variety of refined talents and endless skills in all elements of my vanilla life as well as BDSM. 


I am a striking Domme of elegance, extravagance and enthusiasm -  I shift from the gentle to the disciplinary or cruel within the fluidity of my energy and requests I receive.  I enjoy studying submissives, delving into the inner pits of their fantasies.  An intimidating woman to many upon first encounter only to find me quite the charmer that draws in without judgement while examining and determining my implementation. Descriptions alone don't do me justice.    I am a person of layers upon more layers with always more to be revealed and discovered.  I possess a magnetism that reals into my web and an introspective nature.  I have many long term dynamics that attest to this.  There is an intuition and knowledge I possess that influences and makes my sessions almost feel like therapy.  I know the limits of human nature, what the truest of darkness is and reformed it into a possession of intense healing, power and domination exploring the depths of your desires.  I am a woman who wears the experiences of colorful living and I certainly know well how to break down, remold and reform a submissive in catharsis, release, even healing and the shadow of my fearless dive into the unknown of the soul, mind and spirit.


Lastly my curves are mind boggling, particularly my thick thighs and hips and of course a face-sitting dream of a derriere.  I enjoy all kinds of kinks and fetishes which you will find listed on my site.  Enjoy the glimpse of me these pages offer.

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