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Austin Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus


Austin Texas Dominatrix Scarlet Vexus in her dungeon - Femdom and BDSM sessions
Artist Scarlet Vexus
Dominatrix Austin Based - Scarlet Vexus in her dungeon - latex and rubber fetish Goddess
Austin Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus in a silver latex catsuit

I am Scarlet Vexus™, grand, sublime and everything divine.™ Austin Dominatrix. I have by many been described as the most incredible bizarrely out of the box individuals one will ever meet.  Artistically enlightened, incomparably multi-talented and vastly skilled with focus on beauty, perfection, esthetic and physical pleasure of the senses. I have lived and experienced the full of depth of a fascinating life that influences my style of domination on a deep psychological level.  My persona and kink revolve around pushing towards and encouraging originality and heavy focus on authenticity. Outrageously creative in femdom and far beyond, the experiences I created are as unique as your kinks.

I am salacious tease of the highest degree and use domination to reach a standard of perfection I strive for all within my realm.  My degree of investment and experience in my 9 years as a professional Dominatrix and my private experiences as a avid daily player years prior to my enthusiastic leap into doing what I love professionally aids to this perfection. I'm a blend of raw powerful personality and presence, sex appeal, and sheer layers of talents in BDSM and beyond not seen anywhere else. I use a mastery of a lifetime of talents to create a sensory explosion both surrounding and within play. I express my deep understanding of power dynamics with certain beauty including a thorough blend of your mind and body in the intensity of my work. I am known for my detail and nuance.


A striking Domme of elegance, extravagance and enthusiasm -  I shift from the gentle to the disciplinary or cruel within the fluidity of my energy and requests I receive.  I enjoy studying submissives, delving into the inner pits of their fantasies.  An intimidating woman to many upon first encounter only to find me quite the charmer that draws in without judgement while examining and determining my implementation. Descriptions alone don't do me justice.    I am a person of layers upon more layers with always more to be revealed and discovered.  I possess a magnetism that reals into my web and an introspective nature.  I have many long term dynamics that attest to this.  There is an intuition and knowledge I possess that influences and makes my sessions almost feel like therapy.  I know the limits of human nature, what the truest of darkness is and reformed it into a possession of intense healing, power and domination exploring the depths of your desires.  I am a woman who wears the experiences of colorful living and I certainly know well how to break down, remold and reform a submissive in catharsis, release, even healing and the shadow of my fearless dive into the unknown of the soul, mind and spirit.


I'm an individual of a variety of refined talents and endless skills in all elements of my vanilla life as well as BDSM.  I am a multi- award winning crafter in the realms beyond, in illustration - of which I use as a pleasurable outlet of fantasies, sculpture, as well as sets that are incorporated unexpectedly into my sessions. A detail mentioned as a powerful example of how far my skill and sharp focus goes into all I do - reflecting in the creation of heightened states of pleasure in subs, my mad scientist works in BDSM, latex and more. My work in other areas beyond kink are graciously equally valid as my works here. I'm an working professional illustrator/artist in a lot of avenues outside kink and owner of multiple successful business ventures I've crossed over subtly with my fetish exploits moonlighting as a ProDominatrix fulfilling satisfying role in exploration and intimate depth .  I use my talents and out of the box tendencies to enhance the fetish experience and find new ways of doing things a sub has never experienced before - a personal goal of each session. My psychological nuance and exemplary skill will have you elated. I enjoy submissives immersed and free in their submission, satiated and growing in confidence of all their interests free of judgment under my safety and guidance.


You are privy to all I provide here and exploring my unique approach to my delights. 

I offer a deeper insight into who I am here however it will never truly match the depth of meeting me in person.  Regardless I am an open book...

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