I am a devoted, experienced, mysteriously charming ,elegant and professional dominatrix.  I've been established as ProDomme in the Austin area for several years. Previously a lifestyler I have experience both professionally and within the intense depths of my personal life that have directed my skills and I am always molding those skills to perfection. 


Outside of my life as a dominatrix I am an determined self made woman and artist in every respect.  I'm educated, fascinated with psychoanalysis, I run my own outside businesses in design, fashion, and fine art.  I am also the self taught photographer of my own photos.  This is my third year creating my own photography with my gallery showcasing my creative album pertaining to me as kink professional. Aside from my sessions I create erotic art and literature which a few are honored to see in the works.  I have a truly creative mind and this aspect of myself colorfully incorporates itself into my world of bdsm.

Aside from that I am much more which very few subs are privy too. I am truly a woman of immense passion and depth that will unravel and explore yours.  My personality is complex and incredibly multifaceted attributing to a range of flexibility as a Domme.

In one way or another kink has always reflected in different parts of my artwork and interests.  To fully immerse and enjoy them as a whole is something I do with great pride. 


The beautiful dungeon I operate is fully furnished and equipped containing an vast assortment of items only unique to Me and the space.  I don't need  list the array of tools of furniture I have, you only have to see.   It carries a uniquely intimate air that permeates everything within. The vicinity of  my dungeon also includes a large beautiful hot tub I reserve for the most disciplined of my subs.  Blending into my wider lifestyle my dungeon is an extension that blends into an even wider lair.  My lair being an extension of my life is to always be treated with the utmost respect and I will often use other components in this lair for play.  Be versed on my boundaries here.

My dungeon is ever evolving and expanding.  Contributions to it I accept with immaculate care and can be done here.

Upon request I session at other locations around town as well provided rental costs of the space is paid, as well as offer outcall options and Fly Me To You Options.

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