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Austin Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus


Austin Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus sitting in dungeon |  Fetish BDSM & Kink | Limits Header

Be familiar with my boundaries before filling out the booking request.  I have a very strict policy on maintaining boundaries as they are an essential part of BDSM dynamics.  Requests or behaviors I cannot accept are as included below.

Nothing involving minors or animals

Nothing illegal, this includes everything under state regulations as well

Avoid drugs or heavy intoxication

No requests for serious medical injuries

No requests for non-consenting parties to be involved

No unclothed body worship

No "pussy worship" or "oral servitude"

No simulations of eating pussy, tongues, ect during facesitting

No racial play

No Sex

No photos or recording on devices other than my own​

No FT (full toilet)

No private romantic relationships, although I develop many deep connections with those I see I am not available for romantic relationships

No meetings outside of sessions

​No fantasies that will result in forced removal from premises outside my dungeon

No "personal slaves"

No deposits via means I don't instruct

No challenges to my authority within language in or out of sessions or attempts to dictate what I should tolerate or find acceptable.


Please no assumptions for free creative talent: professional photoshoots, illustration, latex ect.

No attempts at further contact if my power as a Mistress to discontinue contact has been made necessary -  this includes contact from multiple emails or methods of contact. I only discontinue contact with submissives under exceptional transgression of my authority and this behavior only reinforces my decision.


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