shiny heel of Austin Dominatrix


Be familiar with my boundaries before filling out the booking request form. I have a very strict policy on boundaries.  Failure to meet these boundaries will result in being blacklisted or removed from a session with no possibility of refund.

Absolutely nothing involving minors or animals
Nothing illegal, this includes everything under state regulations as well

No drugs

No sessions while heavily intoxicated

No serious medical injuries

No non-consenting parties involved

No unclothed body worshipNo "pussy worship" or "eating out"

No Sex

No racial play

No fantasies that will result in forced removal from premises outside my dungeon

No photos or recording on devices other than my own

No contact with blood or FT (full toilet)

No request for personal life slaves, to be anyone's girlfriend, or Mistress outside of respectful tribute for my energy and time, this boundary benefits the psychological benefits of scenes both for yourself and I - no exceptions

No meetings outside of sessions

No attempts at further contact if my power as a Mistress to discontinue contact has been made necessary,  this includes contact from multiple emails or methods of contact, I only discontinue contact with submissive under exceptional transgression of my authority and this behavior reinforces my decision

No challenges to my authority within language in or out of sessions or attempts to dictate what I should tolerate or find acceptable.  This is not submissive behavior.

No deposits via means I don't instruct