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Approuchig a Dominatrix backgound





What Not To Do

There are a couple of things that will turn me off to engaging any further with a potential submissive I'm speaking to.  They are fairly common sense and most don't need to worry but a few things to keep in mind I have included.

Do not ask for my address, private phone number or to meet a somewhere before booking. This indicates to me is that a person is predatoryThe process for dungeon arrival begins after booking.

Do not inquire for an exception to anything listed in my boundaries

Do not approach me requesting me to be your girlfriend

Do not assume you can obtain free smut.  "I'll deposit" followed up by something along the lines of trying to get details of what I'll do to said contact or details of how a session goes is transparent.

Don't indicate to me you're looking to just chat, just discuss, call, or write/text something like 10 paragraphs of text about your fantasies without booking first.

Don't request depositing via means I don't instruct.

Do not attempt to deliberately get free verbal domination from me.  I don't respond to this type of communication.  A sub whom seeks out to deliberately do what they have read are boundaries or against protocols of a Domme is practicing what is called "topping from the bottom".  As a dominant it's an enormous turn off and shows me a sub has not fully developed in understanding submission or is still struggling with what submission means. I am not inclined to have enough interest to give the communication attention in such cases.
shiny fetish outfit on austin Mistress
Austin Dominatrix glaring at camera

Do however....

Ask me things.  I value communication.  Are you concerned about anything?  Ask me.  Is there a certain fetish you are feeling nervous disclosing?  Ask me.

Be respectful communicating.
Be open.
Work past fears.  I can be intimidating to a lot of people but I am generally warm in my initial email communications and more concerned with you feeling comfortable.

Be patient.  I highly value this and I may be viewing this as an example of who you are as a submissive.  If you do not hear from me right away and you've not done anything in my boundaries or dislikes  I'm very likely not rejecting you.  I am more than likely simply in a booking, or other simple circumstance that has my eyes away from my email.
Dungeon Etiquette
No Engagement



You will receive exact location instructions via a call.  This is the only time I ever do calls. I don't under any circumstances give out my dungeon address via email.  This is to follow safety protocol.  This is a standard with all Dommes I have met. If you cannot meet this requirement I cannot accept you for a session.



Unfortunatly I'm no longer go on outings outside of sessions.


I will initiate and guide all acceptable contact.


My dungeon is an intimate space to be respected as one would as a guest in a stranger's home.  Curious subs may ask about or request to be educated about various dungeon equipment but are not permitted to touch any dungeon equipment on display without permission.


When speaking to me you may refer to me with the title Mistress, Goddess, Mistress Scarlet Vexus, Vexus, or Goddess Vexus.  Unless indicated otherwise all other names or titles will not be considered customary.


Any sub invited into my dungeon must have bathed and taken other measures to be clean.  This is a sanitary concern to ensure a healthy environment for both me and the sub.


No illegal substances are to be brought on my dungeon's premises.  I will not initiate sessions with any sub who appears heavily under the influence of drugs or heavily intoxicated for the safety of the sub and mine.


I only see those who are submissive and thus enjoy relinquishing control.  Take the simple precaution of being aware of your actions. Make an effort to educate yourself on what "topping from the bottom" is.  I don't take on people who do this and entertain a habit of this which can result in removal from a session.


I never negotiate tribute, cut deals, make "discounts", or accept tribute via any means I don't explicitly advise.  Seeing a Dominatrix is an activity of opulence.  All play is femdom focused and will always involve me in a dominant femme role.


Gifts are gifts. Gifts are under no circumstances considered trade or indebt to owe subs special liberties in regards to my boundaries or favors.

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Session Protocol
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