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Austin Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus



The Locations - The Dungeon

Austin Dominatrix Latex Mistress Scarlet Vexus in her dungeon
Austin Dominatrix Scarlet Vexus

After 8 years I decided to incorporate my other art into my sessions in a way that is tangible and literal in a way that is unique to myself and irreplicable.  So I went back to the beginnings and how I discovered myself in the area of BDSM -through illustrations and stories.  Rather than letting them rest in secrecy I decided to use all the skills I have to bring them my illustrations into reality.  So I decided to become the inventor of a Domme illustrating, building with her own hands all the different elements to bring her own concept art and fetish illustrations to life.  Without outside talent for hire, AI or any shortcuts I could have taken. I have always enjoyed being someone unique and not someone who follows and this is another example of my dedication to that.  Dominance is leading and not being afraid to do something new.

My current dungeon is from a comic book series I made when I was 20 for my private use.  I have built  several locations from it to live out and play in.  Several other locations rotate out within both these base locations. All have been created with elaborate detail and deliberately chosen contrasting themes and energies. 

Each of these characters where characters I imagined myself as when illustrating my fantasies and stories.  I decided I want to be them and immerse myself in the worlds they live in and now a submissive to can be immersed completely within the world of illustrations themselves too.

The dungeon acts also as a personal gallery where I frequently have a rotating set of installations, sculptures and customized sets of my mastery of creative skills. 

Locations brought to life from my femdom illustrations

One if the recreations is of the main room of research center from one of my illustrated comics.  This room contains most of my rotating sculptures and pieces (aside subs,  I'm sure I make plenty of temporary "sculptures" out of them) .  Dozens of oddities I've made, customized or collected delightfully stimulate the sense. Hidden as parts of furniture and decorations and embedded into things all over the dungeon is an enormous wealth of equipment for my picking.  I am highly honed expert in leather working, having worked with leather for 10 years in addition to designing latex bondage items having worked with latex for 6 years.  I make highly unique leather items for restriction and bondage, or just general play based of ideas in my illustrations from my comic to add to my dungeon.

Another main room is golden and red themed with a two story ceiling with various art or animations I make visible based on the my mood.  Much of the items are artistically painted, designed, upholstered ect with my creativity.  There is vacuum inflatables and deflatables available for bondage including highly customized vac cube, a vac bed and an upper body inflatable that has been created by myself.  I have various encasement, sensory deprivation hoods ect.  One of its striking centerpieces that is first to catch the eye is my off-limits to subs personal throne, an extremely unique one of a kind piece just like everything else with delicate detailed work by my hands. 

Want to know about the other spaces of my dungeon.  Those are secret for now.  You'll just have to see for yourself.


My dungeon offers an unmatched selection and customization of latex furniture and bondage.  I have an incomparable passion for making things and as an rubber designer with years under my belt of working with latex using advanced techniques this reflects in anything I design.  I do this all myself using my own skill and this skill speaks volumes.   I enjoy the ability to say I'm a femme who's made or customized these things with an immense amount of attention to detail and quality.  You are immersed in my talent, both in BDSM and in my other passions unified.


I allow subs to make suggestions of modifications they are interested in to various furniture pieces.  It always gives me something new to do with my talents.

My dungeon is loaded head to toe, decked out in equipment, decorative stimulating pieces I've made,  and tools I have amassed over years.  My dungeon is highly specialized and beautiful in the experience I create. 

The beauty of my dungeon, the extensive fine detail of the things I'm constantly making and its richly available equipment is to behold.  I invite you to simply immerse in it and enjoy all the little details and sights within the space.  Your main focus will be on me and the tools and skills I choose to use on you.  To put in words the extent of creative detail and tools within my realm would be impossible in just a few paragraphs simply never compare to the in person experience.

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