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Double Domme Sessions and Referencing

I absolutely enjoy working with other local Dommes and occasionally do double sessions. It is an encompassing and unique dynamic for submissive to experience as well as highly fun for both Dommes. When two kinky minds combine in the same space all sorts of possibilities become available. Many also share the same enthusiastic love of latex for you rubber lovers. You can book a double Domme session here.

Check with me first be if interested in a double Domme session with me. I do these sessions with Dommes I have already before and with whom my style matches with to encourage an interesting and fantastic experience with submissives. If I do not do double domination sessions with an individual do not assume I do not like a Domme. It is always the opposite in fact. I am a professional and uninterested in any sort of idea of judgement or silliness with submissives in this regard. Regarding using me as a reference. I prefer not to be used as a reference anymore if a sub has alternative references to use due to an unsettling experience with my privacy and safety being compromised. If I am the only reference you have however you are free to use me as one until you have another reference.

Austin Dominatrix Mistress Scarlet Vexus


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